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Conventional Loan Calculator

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Amortization Calculator

Amortization Calculator

Mortgage Loan Caclulator

Current Loan Information
The original balance is how much you owed on the loan when you first got it. This is rarely the same as how much you paid for your house or other asset.
The current balance can sometimes be referred to as the pay-off amount of the loan. This is how much principal you currently owe on the loan.
This is the length of the loan in years. For standard fix mortgages this is ususally 30 or 15 years. Car loans are often 1-5 years.
Enter in the minimum payment that your bank requires you to pay.
If you are paying off a mortgage and you have mortgage insurance on your existing mortgage, enter your full mortgage payment less the amount you pay for mortgage insurance.
New LOC Information
If you plan on using chunking strategy, enter an amount here that is less than what you currently owe on the debt or mortgage.
If you plan on replacing your full debt or mortgage with a HELOC or LOC, enter the full balance of your current loan here.
Income and Expense
Enter your average monthly income, unless you are an advanced user, enter your net monthly income.
Your living expenses should be the average amount that you spend in a month not including the payment that you currently make for the loan that we are accelerating.
For example, if you are paying off a mortgage, do not include your mortgage payment.
General Information

Payoff Date
Approx. Payoff Date
Money Saved
Original Interest
New Interest
Interest Saved
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